Dear Daddy,

Happy birthday daddy and I love you daddy! You always bring us to get root beer floats and because you always give us treats I love you. And thank you for always bringing us food and that's all.

 It's from me, Vivian.

Dear Daddy,

I love you because you always take us out and you always take us to the castle park and root beer floats and you always take us for pizza. I love you because you let me play games and you let me get on the computer after Garrett. Sometimes you make me laugh and I love when you race me on the grass by rolling. I just love you. 

Just Liam

Dear Dad,

I love you. You are the best dad in the whole world and you do everything for us. I am very grateful for everything you do and nobody could ever replace you. Thank you for making us food at night and taking us out to eat and to see movies. You rock.  Have a happy Birthday!

Love Nadia

Dear Dad,

Love you! Thanks for playing games with me 0.0! Happy birthday!

Love Garrett

Dear Tom,
Happy! Happy! Birthday! You are an amazing and wonderful man. We are so lucky to have you as a daddy and husband. You take such good care of us and we couldn't be more blessed to be in your capable hands. You have accomplished so many things in your thirty three years, and I couldn't be more proud of you. Today has been a treat to spend with you, I have so enjoyed everything from eating like kings to all the kids in our class bringing your favorite cookies to the door because they love you too! I know for your birthday you asked for just one day of peace... Today has been anything but peaceful, but  I think it has been perfect. I love you!

Love Lyndsey

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