We Are Empty Nester's

This Spring we had the most precious little family of Robins staying with us.  It started with just a single mother preparing her nest for her soon to be brood.  Tom and I had a feeling she was a new mommy, we could just sense it with the way she so carefully tended to her nest... If you ask me, her site selection was top notch, perched tightly between our wood siding and hand forged light post. I have never seen such a devoted new mom. She was there everyday diligently working and preparing for her new arrivals. When she was done with the construction, it was a beautiful home. Sturdy, well built and most importantly looked to be a very safe place for her to rear her little ones. (Barring that fact that my children had known about it.) 

After she layed her eggs, we all waited with anticipation for our little house guests to arrive.  Although it seemed like forever (seeing as we had to check the nest twelve times a day) finally it happened. One by one all the eggs hatched and our little birdie family was complete.  The chirping was such a sweet sound, we loved to go outside just to listen to them chirp away. And just as we had suspected, our little Robin turned out to be quite the doting mother. She never left them and never let them go hungry.

Sadly, as all little ones do, they grew up and moved out... It seems like just yesterday they were eating vomited up worms from their mom's mouth. Now as the nest that brought so much joy to our family sits empty, we still visit it, hoping our little Robin Mommy will come back again and bring four more beautiful babies into our home.

We will miss you little birdies, you were the best house guests a family could ask for.

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