Why is seeing Clothes on a Line So Comforting?

 When I was growing up, I would stay weeks at a time at my grandma's farmhouse. She had the house with an active coal shoot and a heating system that still required it. Her washing machine was as old fashioned as her home and I don't think she even owned a dryer. We would haul everything out to the backyard clothes line.  She had three of them, two tall and one short one that we could reach. I loved hanging the clothes and sheets on them. I loved seeing everything blow in the wind even more. I would say I loved the way everything smelled, but because of my lack of smell, I couldn't enjoy that part... my brothers and sisters did though. 

It's rare now, to see clothes still drying on a line, but on those rare occasions that I do, I remember grandma and those three old clothes lines. I always wanted to swing from them. Once I tried and she told me if I ever attempt that stunt again..."she'd paddle me."

Love you Gram!

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