Because I highlighted my favorite designer at NYFW (the one and only ODLR),  it would only be fair to highlight my favorite during London Fashion Week. I had a few favorite designers, It was a hard thing for me to narrow down to only a few photos... Without further ado, I bring you my top picks for LFW

Mathew Williamson





Paul Smith

A note to the boy(s)

If any read my blog

No, this isn't a fashion blog... It's more of a slapdash blog with no real point other than to satisfy my need to talk a little bit about everything that I love... And I have to say, I so love fashion. I don't love it like I love interior design or architecture. I don't get the same feeling when I look at clothes like I get when I see a beautiful piece of furniture, but I can definitely appreciate fashion for what it adds to my life, the ability to help bring out my personality and show my own emblematic style.

If you are still with me, I appreciate your patience... I will soon get back to... Wait, what is it that I blog about that would draw the attention of boys? Oh, silly me... Nothing.

SO to the girl(s)

(Hi mom)

I will continue to bring you high fashion and cutting edge couture.  


belges101 said...

Ok, sooooo in love with the green Burberry! Ok, and on a side note, I cannot tell you how sick I am becoming of the "Utah" style. You know what I am talking about: same hair, same bobbly jewelry with no personality (don't get me wrong, I love me some bobbly jewelry, just not bedazzled watches and lockets with gems pretending to be vintage but no where near so). As this is a fashion post, I will vent my fashion frustrations. I soooo need a stroll down a New York street to bring me back to reality.

I heart your wackadoodle blog.


lyndsey said...

Robin, I Know... The green Burberry is my favorite too! So so great. Burberry rarely disappoints. You know I love a good vent... The only thing I have to say I disagree with is that you are "becoming" sick of Utah style... Those dang bobble necklaces/watches make me want to puke. Don't get me started on the terrible plastic-y flower purses with the bling on them. Gag.

And I am so happy you heart my blog because I heart you.

belges101 said...

Ok, plastic flower purses! Don't even go there. My neighbor sees my jewelry each Sunday and tries to convince me to go shopping at various boutiques (that cater to the plastic faced-plastic flower pursed-bobbly watched-bleached and hairsprayed-bedazzled jean wearing-occasional Toms wearing (too show they can "dress down"--but never in public aside from an occasional sporting event) to go see jewelry "you would love!". Um, clearly you don't know me...at...all.

Ok, I could go on for hours but must go enter this land o' fake pearls and take Ella to dance.

Oh, and I heart you too. Maybe one day I will be skinny enough after my diet/workout regime to come steal your wardrobe. Never fear, your boots are always safe from my monster calves.