Happy Birthday Vivian Polly!

her age:

her catch phrase:
"you're laughing at me!"

her preferred meal:
a roll

what she packs for sleep overs:
twelve panties, one shirt,  pillow pet

her nick names:
pollyanna, squinkie, biv, polly-ita

her cheeks:
like rose milk

her shoes:
always lost

her voice:

her wit:

where she sits:
where ever Liam wants to

her dream:
"i'm gonna be a rock star"

how she walks:
with purposeful wonderment

her insecurities:
wearing two braids in her hair

her bed:
never slept in

what she's proud of:
there isn't enough room

her nails:
layered with polish

her feelings:
on her sleeve

her eyes:

her hair:

her heart:

1 comment:

belges101 said...

Love and miss this girl ever so!