I am working right now,

As I have been most of the day.

Apart from my work, it's been a fine day.

It seems as though a cold front has decided to settle in and I have to say,

It's been lovely.

Last night even got a little chili, for my toes at least.

And I finally got to pull out my heating pad.

(Not that I really ever put it away) 

Oh, how I love heating pad weather.

  Forgive me for my pleasantries and weather talk ...

 I just don't  have any groundbreaking opinions to give tonight.


I thought so.

 I just wanted to post these lovely pictures

and see how you are doing?

I hope this post finds you well

 And if it doesn't,

 I hope looking at these pretty pictures will at least make you smile (temporarily).

 It sometimes works for me.  

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