The Boys in NYC

It's been a while...

 The officer who made Garrett promise he wouldn't skate on The Supreme Courthouse steps anymore, the one who made Liam promise to stop jumping off of everything and the one who made me promise not to encourage it.

 This is the best place in all of Manhattan to get breakfast. C'est Bon Cafe. It's in Midtown, 57th Street and just off Park Avenue. Si délicieux!

 I had so much fun with my boys. Although we mostly did "boy" things, I did get some boutique shopping in. Since this was Liam's first time there, we took him sight seeing between hitting all the skate spots for Garrett.  Liam was so tired, everytime we got on the train he konked out. He had even the hardest of New Yorkers laughing.

 OH! And I even got the boys to appreciate cool architecture!
(This being their favorite.)

 I am so, so happy when I an there. Nothing speaks to me more.

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Ang and Shawn said...

I love it when you post about NYC. I want you to take me there with you.
I love big cities. I fell in love with Chicago. Big cities make my heart smile (Shawn laughs when I say that).