So Ready for Soup Days!

If I had to nail down one season to love more than any other season, there is no question fall would be "the one".

Nothing like the crunching of bright orange leaves beneath your boots, stirring grey skies with heavy clouds well above your Burbury beret covered head and most importantly, soft, restful fall fashion and design. Of course, don't think I have over looked the food...Vita mix soups and pumpkin cookies for all three meals, please.

Somethings that really get me excited about the pending cold weather is the "cozy" factor. Give me a cable knit sweater, leggings and tall boots, snuggle me down in a room with a wool blanket a down sofa and wood paneled walls, build me fire and let me sip on warm tea from an over sized mug whilst reading an intense, morose novel with a thoughtful ending...And you will have one soothed girl.    

This has to be one of my all time favorite rooms. The wash and style of the panelling, the bed, the floor, that stunning bedspread...Apart from the wall art which I would take down the minute I moved in, I wouldn't change a thing.
Note: In building my own home, I had my cabinet craftsman, German imitate a wash almost identical to these walls using a frosted glaze over the dark espresso stain...To some  people (mom and brother)... my cabinets just appear dusty. Let the record show, this is a valid style. And a smart one at that. {If I do say so myself.}

Again with the wood panelling. I dream of finding an old home where the original solid wood panelling is still on the walls in the den. It just makes me swoon.

Love this bedding ensembles. The headboard is so great, and the grey and gold... stunning together. That knit throw pushes this room over the edge.

Doesn't this room make you want to just cuddle up and read a good book? I am loving the one tone walls. Painting out the moulding the same color as the walls not only give a more modern look, but also adds the texture without screaming..."Look,I have an abundance of beautiful moulded walls!" (Which they are...beautiful moulded walls)

Even the simple walls with the painted out moulding the same color... So in, makes the two tone seem so two thousand and one.I also love the warm wood tones with the cool wall color. Great choice.

Everything. about. this. room.
My sweet heavens above, it's stunning!

And saving the best for last, this gorgeous dining room is absolutely spot on. Stop me if I have mentioned this before... But I so love grey and gold together. Yes it goes against the grain, but perhaps that is why it works so well. First, this designer has smartly painted out the trim to match the walls, added this chalky quarter sawn oak{I'm guessing} wood floor and paired these french Louis chairs along with the gold frames and tarnished chandelier to formalize this ever so cozy dining room.  

I hope you all will enjoy this beautiful harvest season and get cozy by a snapping fire and eat lots of delicious pumpkin cookies.

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