Have a seat while I tell you something groundbreaking.

Groundbreaking for me, not you.

The last couple of years, I have been feeling less than tip top...

I almost feel like someone has been playing a mean joke,

 And my poor body has been the brunt of it.

 I couldn't go to the doctor, because I could never really pinpoint what was going on, 

I just knew I've felt better.

Until one fine day, (Oct 30 to be exact) a dear friend sent me an email with a list of Celiacs symptoms... 

And suddenly it felt as though the heavens had opened unto me;

And screamed, "You are Allgergic to gluten, silly girl!!!" 

Talk about a light bulb going off... 

So I threw myself into a gluten free lifestyle, Just like

And apart from a minor slip up in New York City (Pizza, you were almost worth it.)

I haven't looked back.

It is going to be a long haul.  

But in the end...So worth it.

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