Just Run With It

In my own home, I have stairs made of wood. I think they are stunning.  A bit dangerous perhaps, but stunning nonetheless.

Side Note:
When I was designing the lay out of the physical structure of this home, I was so inspired by the homes on the East Coast, loving the brownstones where you walk in and are greeted with a steep staircase and a long hall.... and that's it. If you want to see the rest of the living quarters, you need to be invited into the home...Otherwise, the rest of the layout will remain a mystery forever. 

I digress, the point of this post is to discuss what to do with my staircase. I had it done in solid wood with a custom designed hand forged railing. My point in telling you this, is so you get the idea that it's suppose to be the show stopper of the entry... And like I said before, beautiful.  Did I consider my sweet children when deciding on bare wood? I sheepishly admit, I did not. Now, every time I hear them running down the stairs, I clinch my jaw and hold my breath, waiting for their safe descent.  I have given them each a private tutorial on how to make their way safely down... No running, no jumping, walk steadily and calmly while holding onto the handrail. 

But I remember when I was a small girl, I fell down the stairs every other day...  At one point my big brother gave me my own personal tutorial on how to safely descend the stairs without cracking my head open as I had done in previous attempts.  I think it lasted for about a month then I was running and jumping and falling all over again. (Keep in mind I am more that your average klutz.)

So I have decided to help cushion the fall if it happens, now I am faced with what to cover them in... And when I say "cover them" I mean provide a a runner for them. I am not a fan of carpet, so this has been a real thinker for me.  Here are some ideas...


All of these are so beautiful in there own respected environment. I am of course, leaning toward the geometric black and white carpet... The only problem I have now is affording four hundred dollars a yard.

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