Do you remember this post?
(In August)

Well, four months later my little knee hurts worse than ever. After having to debreed it, filet it and drain it, it turns out that was just surface business with a wound surgeon. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who was surprised I was even able to walk around for the last while... And tomorrow, he is going to get under my knee cap and repair the damage. 

Saying I am scared of surgery is putting it lightly. I am terrified. And that is just the surgery part... the aftermath, being stuck on a bed or a sofa not being able to walk or drive for a few weeks.. I am going to go stir crazy. 

I have been spending the last hour adding good shows and movies to my Netflix queue. The good news is that Tom and the kids will be home the whole time I am recovering so I will have lots of little helpers and lots of good company. 

Tom and his dad, Paul just gave me a priesthood blessing. I have faith that will get me through.  

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