Coming To Terms With My Loss

The last time I remember wearing my wedding ring was at dinner with my girlfriends. I had just received a compliment and looked down to agree... It was quite stunning. I wish I had a side profile of this ring. It was truly a work of art! Sadly, It has been about two years now and my husband and I have lost all hope of it showing up. I think it's time I get a replacement (the ring, not the husband). It doesn't have to be like this one, (Although I wouldn't turn it down) Just a band would be beautiful. I am thinking I love gold now. So maybe a big gold pipe cut band.

I do wonder where this ended up. When I first realized it was missing, I would lie in bed at night and imagine its fate...Is it somewhere in a drainpipe? Is it on the finger of a woman who has no idea the value of it or the fact that it is stolen goods? Perhaps a pawn shop and if so, how much did it go for?

I'm thinking I would prefer to know it was in the sewer.

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