New York
BY Lyndsey Ercanbrack

Tom and I went to New York with My family. (My dad had court so he wasn't able to make it and Jackie was doing ... what ever she was doing... love you sissy! ) But everyone else was there. We had a blast. Mandy got everyone Jimmy Fallon Tickets, so yay for me, I got to see him again! Ben was in charge of hotels and we all know what a hotel snob he is, so we stayed in some of the nicest in NY. We stayed in the Financial District the first night, with a view of the entire city. Then Soho for the remainder of the time. We hung out in Central Park, Washington Square, Time Square... Ate in Little Italy and enjoyed a few street vendors. We could not get enough of... as the boys call it "Double D's"... Duncan Donuts. Of course, there was plenty of shopping to be had, but we were with boys, and they had little patience for that. It is times like these that I am grateful to be in my own shoes. P.S. Forgive my appearance in these pics, I was sick the whole bloody time.

The View from our room. (And that was only one side)
My Favorite place in Central Park. I am going to hang this picture on my
wall in my new home, It is such a peaceful, beautiful place.

My very precious mom. She's a peach!

Madison Square Garden

Here Tom is feeding the rabid squirrels

Washington square

Central Park


I am even happy to be on the subway!

So is Tom, can you tell?

If I could live there, I would live here (Park Avenue).

No, Wait, here.

Greenwich Village

Time Square. Where else?

This is a street performer. He gave Tom his camera and told him
"don't mess it up!"

Every girl should own at least one piece of jewelry from Tiffany's.

Trinity Church, Tom was making fun of Mandy and I.

I was not feeling very well.

Our Last day there, when we got on the subway it was perfect weather, but when we got off we had to run in the pouring rain to make it back to the hotel in time to collect our stuff and get a taxi to the airport. I loved every minute of it.

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