Our precious Coconut

I grew up in a very non pet friendly household, and that was just fine with me. I don't like pets. Of course, I like animals, (except for cats, gross) I just don't want any of them in my home. I never understood people who loved their dirty little creatures like they were real people. The responsibility, the hair, the germs, and... the germs. (OCD clean germaphob girl, here) Oh, but I do have a major soft spot for all baby mammals and their mommy's. They are welcome to come over anytime...
Anyway, completely not the point of this post. This post is about the very first Ercanbrack pet. Precious Coconut. Garrett had been wanting a turtle since he was about 2 years old. While other kids wanted kittens and puppies, he was researching turtles. He would draw pictures of turtles, make up songs about turtles and he even wrote a book about turtles. It was titled " Turtle fun". (It was very well written and illustrated!) So, it only took me 10 years to realize that this turtle thing was not just a phase. I didn't want any animals... I had no desire to ever own a pet. But Garrett was just so darn responsible and truly had a love for turtles, for his 12th birthday, we bought him a beautiful russian tortoise. When we brought him home (it was almost the same feeling as bringing home a new baby from the hospital) I knew that I was absolutely in love with this little guy.

We bought all the necessities from the pet store, everything the owner suggested and $300.00 later, we came home and set everything up. He was miserable in his tank. It was just so sterile and unlike his natural habitat. So, I designed a beautiful pet palace for him.
Complete with a big window so he could enjoy the view out.

We were only able to enjoy Coconut for one year. When we moved into our rental in March, we couldn't bring him so my mom watched him at her house. She took him out to play one beautiful day in July and he ran away. ( Russian tortoises are famous for being great escape artists, something I failed to tell my mom.) I am sure he is loving his big adventure outside in the shrubs and flowers. He was a wild caught turtle and now he can be free once again!

We Love you Coconut, where ever you are!!!

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