Yesterday Liam was giving me a list of things he wanted me to buy for him. My kids are all huge fans of lists... Hmm, I wonder where they get that from? So, as he was going down his list of goodies... "and ice cream and a soccer ball, and an Ipod touch, and a new Wii game and oh yeah, I need you to buy me some batteries for my winkie."

I am sure you can guess what his winkie is. (Winkie, boy. Winka, girl.) He is four years old and oh so proud of his winkie. It is his prize possession, and I am sure his best asset as far as he is concerned. He is also full blown involved with potty humor. Normally I don't promote this type of drollery, I can't stand it actually, but since Liam is probably the funniest, most adorable and I have to add, stylish little love I can't help but laugh every time he comes up with these gross little antidotes.

Just thought I would share...

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