Movie, Anyone?
By Lyndsey Ercanbrack

I have been in cinema heaven lately. I love a good movie more than anything else. There is something to be said about leaving your own life at the door to steel away to another place and time. Here are two that I felt have just swept me away.

The first movie I would like to shine my little spot light on is Sunshine Cleaning. Do not be fooled by this title, there is nothing "sunny" about it. Dark clouds definitely roll through this humanistic, sincere film. It is a well written, well acted movie with an optimistic message. Props to Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. I love them both. And of course, it doesn't get better than Alan Arkin. He was as good in this one as he was in Little Miss Sunshine.

The next movie I would like, no love, to recommend is Inglorious Basterds. There's so much I love about this one, so much that I want to say and discuss but I will restrain myself. Save it for later, so as not to ruin any surprises. It's amazing from beginning to end, and I can't wait to see it again and again. This movie once again proves that while filmmakers will always try to make their films "Tarantino-like", nobody makes movies like Tarantino. Like Kill Bill, it’s a well-wrapped goody, with new delights at each scene. A few puzzles, some of which aren’t answered but are designed to make you think. Yes, it was gory, but if you don't like that, ( I don't) just look away( I did). I will end this post by saying this movie was glorious, indeed.

I loved, loved, loved these movies.

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