Timeless is Timeless...

TThis old home has always been my favorite.

You know when you drive through a hood and you can point out the exact year a home was built? And usually by which builder? Wait, not everyone does that??? ( The more I write in this blog the more I realize I need to get a life...) So, for my lack of better things to do, I have put a lot of thought into the style of this home. Do I want to be hip and modern? Maybe. Do I want to be trendy and boring? Of course not. I think I want to be classic and timeless.

I decided that I want to have a home that will never be known as to what year it was built. By which builder? Yes, I will leave my mark. (I'll figure out how to do that later.) Usually, I like to have quite an edge to my design, I want it to be bold, without yelling or screaming out, I want it to be brave, intrepid and fearless. Something that people almost have to look at twice before deciding they absolutely love and have to have their own.

In this particular case, since I plan on being here a while, I needed something that I know I would love forever. So I did the smartest thing I could thing of. Decide which homes I have always loved, study them and then rewrite them. Lyndsey style. So my inspiration? Here they are. They are not mansions, nothing too ostentatious, no chichiness here. They are classic and timeless. Some may say boring, I say magnum opus. So why am I drawn to these fine works of art? Honestly I could go on forever... and trust me, you don't want that. In the end though, it's all in the details.

I believe I have infused just the right amount from each of these homes (and lots others not shown) to create my perfect home... And I couldn't be more pleased.

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