Some things about me

1. I can be very Blunt
Blunt, but tactful... most of the time
I have no patience with sugar coating
I kind of like that about me 

2. I am not really that strong of a person
I just play one in real life 
For a very long time I thought I was unbreakable
I have since been humbled

3. I still need my mom
When I was young, my biggest battle was being homesick
I cried on my honeymoon, I missed my own bed
When I hurt,  I still want my mom

4. I would be lost without music
The thought of having to go without music makes me feel like I could suffocate
All my thoughts are put to music
It's sacred to me. If I can't appreciate it, I won't listen to it

5. I have insecurities
I won't put these out here, as I am kinda insecure about this topic

6. Sometimes I need to just cry
I don't want you to fix my problems, I just want  you to let me cry for a bit
Sometimes crying refreshes me
When I cry, my lips double in size and my nose gets swollen
(Then I cry more because I look so woebegone)

7. The fastest way to my heart is through laughter
I am a sucker for quality humor...To me, the dryer the better
I can't stomach slapstick or crude humor. I'd rather slice through my wrist with cardstock
Although I am completely won over by laughter, I prefer sad stories 

8. I have taste... and it's expensive
I just always have
I don't necessarily like this part about me
I'm working on it

9. Interior design and Architecture are in my blood
While other little girls were playing dolls, I was in the woods laying out fort floorplans
I hated barbies, but the few times I would play with them, I was only interested in remodeling their homes
I started begging my dad to take me to home shows at age nine

10. I am blessed
My husband is amazing, a great provider and loves us so much
My kids are healthy, brilliant and  undeniably sumptuous
And they are mine for eternity

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