Great news for my fellow Arrested Developement fans
By Lyndsey ercanbrack

 Will Arnett (GOB) confirmed that the Arrested Development feature film should go into production sometime this year."I'm so glad you asked that," joked Arnett, who has been questioned about the series' fate since it went off the air in 2006. "It's very refreshing. We are working on the movie right now, yeah... We don't have a completed script yet, but it's forthcoming and we're going to make the movie this year. "When asked if he thought the cameras would actually roll before year's end, Arnett seemed resolute. "That's the plan," said the actor in earnest, before deadpanning, "We're hoping once Jason Bateman gets out of rehab. I think that we're going to start shooting. Oh, was I not supposed to...? Please don't air that."

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