FACT  32 years, 32 facts
Bears are faster than... (Oh sorry, wrong set of facts)
1. I have had ulcers since I was eight years old. When I get stressed or panic, they still bleed.  
Writing lists help me to stay calm and functional.

2. My earliest memory is of  me eating finger paint at Mrs. Burgon's preschool.

3. My brother once convinced me that the blinking red lights I could see from my bedroom window was  The Great Wall of China. I believed him until I was 16 and driving down the road and saw those same blinking red lights.

4.While on the subject... when I was seven, that same brother told me that while the rest of my family belonged to the LDS church, I was a Catholic because I hadn't been baptized. I cried because I thought all Catholics smoked and mowed their lawns in yellowed wife beaters. I didn't want anything to do with that.
He and the rest of my siblings even made up a song about me and Catholicism, I would cry even more. Where was my mom during all of these hotfooted shenanigans? H mm, that's a good question.

5. My happy place is fabric, paint and old houses. Often times I fall asleep to them. (Or with them... but that's for another time.)

6. I'm not a feminist according to today's standards, but in some circles I am considered as thus. And
I am okay with that.

7. I pre-heat my sheets every night with a blow dryer. To me, nothing is more comforting than forced heat.

8. If I had it my way, I would wear sweat pants, tight t shirts and Uggs everywhere I went.

9. When my little children are emotional, I encourage them... thus making them more emotional and allowing  me to hold and comfort them longer.

10. I lack the desire to make friends. But when I do, I am loyal to the end.

11. Accents = automatically  fascinating and beautiful people.
12. I  listen to other people's conversations and critique what they are saying and how they are saying it. Sometimes I go as far as correcting them in a mumble. ( I know...  I need to get a life)
13. I have OCD to an extreme. More "O" than "C".
14. I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to certain things. The more work I have to do (like today, for example), the longer I will do something else. (Like this, for example.)
15. I talk to myself. And usually in an English accent. Also on this subject... I swear an awful lot to myself. The worse the word, the better I feel. Swearing to myself in an English accent always pleases me. (Feel free to email me at any time during this read and let me know if you think I need professional help.)
16. I get major offended when people say anything of mine  is "darling". Puke. (Unless it is used in  reference to my children.)
17. My mom has babied me my whole life. I baby my children and will continue to do so their whole life.
18. I don't alter myself  for anyone or anything.
19. Judging by the way I look, people assume I am high maintenance. I am not. Not even close.
20. I have received a few black eyes in my day... One from a mosh pit, one from snowboarding. My mom would have disagreed, but if you ask me, all were a badges of honor.
21. I am a very talented interior designer. I know what I am doing in this respect and I take great pride in it.
22. I have twirled my hair since I was a baby. Violently at times, rendering less than desirable bald spots in my hair... you were right Grandma.
23. I touch the tip of my  nose with my index finger when I am thinking.
24. I have several daft fears, but the biggest one is definitely my fear of mice.
Side story: When we were first married, Tom told me he saw a mouse in the kitchen of our apartment. I couldn't sleep that night, every movement, every noise, every thought was  that damn mouse. The next day I informed the landlord we would be out by the end of the week. (That's when  we bought our first house.)
***Tom has since decided if he ever sees a mouse again, I will find out over his dead body.***
25. I am psychic. Truly. (Which makes Tom's resolve on number twenty four futile.)
26. Not to generalize, but most gay women have a strong disdain for me . One yelled at me just the other day. I am still trying to figure out why.
27. I am not easily intimidated by people or things.
Sorry if this is painful for you, my sweet readers... I am enjoying myself quite a bit. Don't worry, I'm almost done.
28. I was the best driver in my entire drivers ed. class and the only one who got to drive on the freeway.
29. In reference to number twenty eight, I assume I was the best driver because when I was fourteen my best friend and I use to sneak her mother's car at night and drive downtown, just to turn around and come back. (Glenda, If you are reading this I am sorry.)

30.When I was little, my mom nicknamed me bizzy wizzy because I was always keeping myself  "bizzy". Nothing has changed there.
31. I amuse myself. I find me to be quite a kick.
32. Birthday? Hardly. I celebrate Birthweek.  (It's my favorite holiday)

And in other news...
Blue is my new favorite color.

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