I have no title for this one.
So it will remain title-less
By Lyndsey Ercanbrack

I am a very busy woman these days... So when I need to make a run to a store, so what if I require my children to eat at that store? In this particular case, I was running to Ikea to pick up a set of napkins...

Side Note: Ikea has very cool decorative napkins for all celebratory merriments.

So back to the story at hand...

Side Note # 2: I am going to start abbrieviating that phrase to BTTSAH, since I use it so often.

While casually mentioning to the children that we would be dining at Sweden's finest charcuterie for lunch, I never heard such an outburst from my sweet, yet extremely finicky children. And to think...  When I was little I was lucky to squeeze a drive through  happy meal out of my parents.  And, I would have done nearly anything for a dinner at the local Sizzler.  (Which my kids turn their nose up to.)  If  Ikea would have been around when I was growing up, I would have been in seventh heaven to blend my three favorite things together... food, furniture and fun. (Of course, I was not always a furniture snob... So Ikea would have fit that bill just swimmingly.) None was more disgusted with the idea of eating at Ikea as Garrett. In his exact words  "What? we are eating at that place??? That's like Walmart opening a restaurant and calling it 'Walmart  the Restaurant', and we eat there... It's not funny mom, it's disgusting!"  

So, my question/concern is this: Why are times so different that my children don't enjoy the little things? Things that would have put me on cloud cuckoo-land when I was little, don't do a thing for my children. They're not even phased by  them. I would be lying if  I said this didn't break my heart. The little things were what use to make me so happy. Those are the things I look back on with the most happiness.

I am wondering what little things they will look back on with fond memories?

Just something for me to think about.

Oh, and Garrett, You have eaten at Walmart... It's called the deli. ;)


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