Things of late

By Lyndsey ErcanbrackBy by lby lyndsey ercanbrack
Fabric shopping.

Wondering why it's so much easier to find fabric for my clients.

Area rug shopping.

Wondering why it's so much easier to find area rugs for my clients.

For the first time in my life, acne cream shopping. I know, I'm an absolute basket case due to this recent turn of events. Thus causing more acne. Thus causing me to be even more of a basket case. Thus causing...  (Vicious cycle)

Trying to self manage my OCD.

Dark circles under my eye cream shopping.

Trying to watch  No Country for Old Men.  I'm getting in about fifteen minutes a night. Still worth it. This movie has more classic one liners than any other movie. Of course barring all Clint Eastwood films.

Trying to figure out why my eight year old daughter's favorite TV show is The Discovery Channel's "I shouldn't be alive".


Wishing I had time to catch up on Dexter. I'm only two seasons behind.  Three years ago, I was obsessed with this show. No one watched it then.  Now everywhere I go people are talking about it.  The last straw was the other day at my brother's house. I noticed the  Dexter dvds on his counter and he asked me if I'd ever heard about it. Hello? I tried getting him to watch it three bloody years ago.

Cleaning up throw up. Poor Vivi. Poor Liam.

Still trying to get through Catching Fire. I've only been reading this book for five months.

Eating lots of carrott cake. My new favorite treat.

Soaking my muscles in the tub. M mm, I love this one.

Still trying to be the best mom and wife in the world. I have a feeling I'm getting closer...  Right.

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