I know I am a design snob... I never said I wasn't.

Yes, it's true...

Surprised? I didn't think so.

 I will freely admit that when it comes to interior design, I am gonna have an opinion.

The only thing I have to say on this topic is...

First, I can appreciate any style. However, if it is the SAME style as everyone else,  I probably won't even acknowledge it.

Second, If it is your style and you embrace it, whether or not it follows "rules" or "themes" is completely  irrelevant.

 Side note:  Literal themes and sticking to text book decorating rules are the worst  thing to ever hit the design world. Unless you are four years old. (Even then, it's questionable.)

Third, Please don't live in such a small, shortsighted world. Open your eyes. Try to appreciate the raw and unprocessed approach. If I see the same "Utah special" house one more time and it is known as "The beautiful home of  the neighborhood", It will be over. I will impugn it right there on the spot.

You people that scoff and judge other people because their home is different and YOU are not use to it... Spare us all and just go away.

News flash: Not every home needs to look like Tai Pan vomited on it with their shoddy, tasteless, debris. In fact, I don't know how much more Tai Pan style I can take before I  vomit myself.  Current is good. It's refreshing and in the end it pushes you to follow your own taste and not someone else.

Rule of thumb: Do not copy your neighbor down the street, chances are they just copied their neighbor and then you fall into that horrible blind leading the blind scenario.

So at the end of the day...

Design your home the way you love it. If only people would realize that just because one particular style is stamped all over the  neighborhood, (or in my unfortunate case, the whole state) that doesn't mean it is stylish. It may have been, but it has now been done. Move on to something else. Please keep in mind that our lovely state happens to be ten years behind the trends. SO to my fellow state dwellers, if you see a home that doesn't look like every other bloody home in the neighborhood, don't shun it. Realize that the homeowners may be onto something. Perhaps, they are the ones with the taste.  While everyone else's "beautiful" (trendy, insipid, stagnant)  homes are the ones lacking.

If you, my lovely readers, are wondering what instigated this post, it's best if you don't ask...


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