This is a beautiful ballad from  a writer in England Named Nikki Dudley.
It's from her collection called exits/origins. So if you fancy a good read,
take a gander at this one...

“The sky is turning itself

inside, out,” you said

and the cars were barriers to our escape.

The sky flapped like a (bird) caught in

my mouth tasted like blood

as I looked up to check: turning/ plastic bodies rolling over.

EYE IMAGINE the what are, what are you looking

at stranglers? Please hold my hand.

“It scares me,” you said, flipping an eye shut/ drive towards

Ex- but don’t, please don’t, let the tires scream

Won’t jump out/hold on

Won’t jump on/hold out

Want to wake up in the darkness and know you’re a life, or is it beating, beating fortune?


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