Not just any other day

Wow, It has been a busy few weeks. Lots of big events for our family. First, Nadia turned eight years old on February 12. Then Liam turned five on March 1, or as he use to say when he was little, the First of Marc. (I already miss those days.) I am having my birthday week next week, and we are in our final push for the new house... but the most important affair occurred today.

My precious Nadia Marie was baptized. It was a very virtuous and edifying event. She looked absolutely dazzling in her white dress, but that is not what made her beautiful today. It was her valiant  glow that lit up her face that made her unmistakably  stunning. I was so proud to see her make this noble decision to be baptized and receive the most glorious gift  in the world. It was clear that she too, was proud of her decision. Of course we had all our family there. Aunt Mandy gave an amazing talk on baptism and Garrett said such a sweet closing prayer. Afterwards, we partied  like rock stars at a restaurant where we ate way too much and laughed way too loud... Just the usual. It was the perfect way to celebrate Nadia and her very significant day.

I love you, Nadia!!!  I am so proud of you!

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