Bless Her Heart.

As most of us know, the phrase "Bless her heart" is usually prefaced or followed by  the verbal recognition of another's unfortunate circumstances.

 Well Susan, bless her heart, is so large she fills up the bathtub and then puts in the water.
 She is so dumb, she can't even pass a blood test, bless her heart.

Note:  As long as her heart is sufficiently blessed, the insult isn't really even an insult... at least that's what my Great Aunt Edna (bless her heart, she was anything but) would say.

 I must have been really bored because this peaked my curiosity. So  let's look this up on  The Urban Dictionary and see if they share  my Aunt Edna's opinion...

Their Definition:

A term used prior to ridiculing, insulting the sensibilities of, or pointing out the shortcomings of someone. Used to soften the blow of a statement, and can render nearly any comment, no matter how brash or distasteful, socially acceptable.

Their Examples:

Wife- Honey, do these jeans make me look fat?

Husband- Bless your heart, dear, but you've been a whale for the last ten years and I still can hardly believe you haven't imploded into a black hole due to the force of your gravity yet, so no matter what you wear, you'll still be a walking pork rind.

Little Billy- I am 6 years old (only holds up 4 fingers).

Woman- Oh honey, bless your heart, but that's only 4 fingers.

Little Billy tries again- I am 6 years old (this time holds up the same 4 fingers and 4 more on the other hand).

 Woman- Child, Bless you and your momma's heart.
Okay, So now that we're all in agreement, who's heart are we blessing?
Today we are blessing The  Dancing with the Star's hearts.

That's all I am going to say.

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