Every morning about 5:30 am  I wake up to my sweet little Vivi or my Li climbing into bed with us. Sometimes one of them, other times both of them. I much prefer them over an alarm clock. Vivian has the voice of an angel, and Liam just gently pokes at me until I am up and playing at full speed. (I am really going to miss when they outgrow this stage.) So this morning my precious little three year old Vivi hopped into my bed and after I muttered a good morning to her she said in her sweetest voice...

"Mom, you know cows are magical and  Lady Gaga is disgusting cause she doesn't wear panties."

This is what makes children so much cooler to converse with than anyone else... I just  wish they would stay this little forever. Why is it necessary for kids to grow up so fast?

Oh no, it's starting... I am getting bebe hungry. Unfortunately, Tom and I have decided we are done having  children.  So I think I may look into the adoption of a little monkey. They are adorable, and a lot like bebes, you can even put diapers on them when they are little. And they love to give kisses. I've just never really heard of people adopting them around here... this is going to take some research. And maybe a trip to Africa.

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