Greener Pastures?

I am less than thrilled about the prospects of my children growing up in our current area. Although it is a very beautiful place to reside...and we are lucky to be here, I would love for them to be exposed to a little more...texture.  Right now I am thinking New Orleans would be an awesome place to live.Would it be a life changing arrangement? Probably not, but it's fun to think about. It was this time last year we visited The Big Easy. The Garden District stole my heart . I practically inhaled the architecture.

I could have set up camp right there on the trolley.

I was just thinking how incredible it would be
to walk down these everyday.

And then to come home to one of these beauties.

I am confident there will be issues wherever we go. Obviously, just because this place is completely stunning  and a bit surreal  to behold, doesn't mean there are not problems...I won't be duped into believing  if we move here life will be like an indefectible, matchless, paradise. Just because the local  Borders Bookstore is located in a two hundred year old house that makes you feel like you could  take up residency, doesn't mean there aren't drugs in the schools...And sure the wooden trolleys drive on grass paths and make you feel like you are in a clip from a 1920's silent film,  but that doesn't mean the town doesn't suffer from  gang occurrences...And yes, I am profoundly aware their primo food won't slow the alarming growth rate of teen pregnancy...And fine, we all know that alluring architecture isn't going to stop world hunger.

...Hmm...But then again, it has to start somewhere.

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