By Lyndsey Ercanbrack
Have you ever visited a place where you can actually feel the magnetism?
A place where as soon as your feet strike the ground, your heart feels it?
I have...
She is my wonderland.
She is a place of extremes, she offers no middle ground.
She is who she is. She makes no apologies.
She is intimidating, but she will show you your inner strength.
She will never adapt to you. You must adapt to her.
She welcomes all walks of life, but keeps to herself.
Her smile is not carried on her face, but rather in her heart.
She will calibrate your mind and quell your soul.
She is strong and self reliant. You’ll never hear her squawk or quibble about.
Of course, she is not perfect and I don't mean to sketch her as such.
She can be trenchant, manic, direct, ardent, and stranger than a rare cult film.
But for me that’s all part of her grace.
My heart belongs to you, New York.
And it always will.

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