You might be an interior designer if...

You obsessively take the time to choose the color of the cup, plate, and fork your children's breakfast will be served on.You either match everything or pair interesting color combinations. Then stand back and... Aah, just take it in.

When purchasing your new computer the conversation between you and your salesman goes something like this... "Yeah, yeah, I don't care about the whatever bytes... Just show me what  the monitor looks like."

Your kitchen towels all need to live cohesively.

You have had a custom wall color made to match your favorite leafy vegetable.

You have heard this more than once, "I've never noticed that. Wow... How did you notice that?" When you've pointed out a detail in someone else's home.

You keep yourself awake at night with thoughts of paint chips and flooring samples.

You have a full room dedicated to bolts of fabric you bought with no intention of ever using.

You cringe when your child begs to have that new character shirt. You immediately think, "What sweater does he own that could 1. Cover up said shirt with, and 2. Look artistically eccentric when paired with above mentioned shirt."

Upon entering a friends home, you find it almost painful to NOT give advice on how to improve their space.

When you catch a vision for a room, you physically start to shake with excitement.

You sincerely believe it is your civic duty to make sure that everyone you have ever met lives in a space that they absolutely love.

You often think, "Man, life would be so much easier if I just didn't care!"

If  selecting colors, flooring, lighting, fixtures, furniture, accessories and pinning down a precise style for your client is as easy as breathing, but committing to a picture frame for your own home throws you into a state of panic and fear, YOU MIGHT BE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER
Oh, and if you have ever "finished" a room in your own home, you might NOT be an interior designer.

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