I Can't Live
 With or Without You

I love any version of white rooms. There is something so honest and pure about them... So refreshing and uncomplicated. From minimalistic to shabby chic. I'll take it. White walls, off white floors, cream sofas and rugs. Throw in a walnut, ebony or bleached wood and a little sparkle of metallics or crystal and you just made yourself one stunningly dapper room.

 Just one wee problem. It's not practical for a family with four sets of junior sized patties getting smudges all over everything. I feel like I am wiping up finger prints all day long. It's almost enough to make me want to get out my beige paint, vandyke brown glaze and a rag so I can faux finish these walls and put an end to the fingerprint madness once and for all! ...Almost. Then I pull myself out of 2002 and think... Oh! off whites, whites and creams are so beautiful. They set such a calming backdrop to a day full of  lively activity. They also provides such a great base to decorate around. I love seeing gold, silver and black frames set against a soft white. I also quite enjoy bright splashes of color contrasting the the cleanliness of the whites. A very favorite look of mine is when I get to see several different shades of white in all kinds of different textures. Mmm...Something so luxuries about that. I could get lost in a room filled with several textural whites... That is until I spot the chocolate pudding hand print on my crisp white wall.Or the popsicle stain on my bright white kitchen cabinets. Then I have to remind myself...Oh yeah, dang it, I have children! I start to consider this non color look may not be for me. And that my dear readers, is where my problem lies. I don't want any other look. I only want my whites...with splashes of blacks and greens and blues and pinks... I guess I can finally relate to Bono... And all this time I thought he was talking about a woman.

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Adam and Brittany said...

I hear ya on the what-I-want vs what-I-like syndrome. Why can't practical be what I like? For now I just keep looking at Ballard magazine and extending my wish list.