Back in School

(And I hate it more now than I ever did when I was in school.)

 I may have mentioned in past posts how much more I prefer keeping the children home with me, rather than sending them to that cold, sordid and contemptible place we call "school". I will resist the temptation to beat a dead horse and just say, I so loved going to school when I was young. But my mom always wished summer would last forever...She dreaded when back to school season came. I always thought she was crazy. Now I can see she totally was. And clearly,I am too. 

Nadia started fourth grade and Liam started first grade.
Nadia loves her teacher. Liam says his teacher doesn't have any manners. Garrett (not shown) started tenth grade. He really likes all of his teachers, too... Well all but the English teacher who he refers to as "The English Nazi". I can't think of a more suitable teacher to instruct something so important. I can't wait to meet her!

So here they are. Well, two out of the four. My oldest ducked out before I had a chance to snap his picture. As for my baby, Vivi gets to stay home with me for one more year. For the record, all of my children were so excited to start school. They didn't get why I was the one crying... They must think I'm crazy.


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JENNY said...

Oh my goodness Lyndsey! Your children are so cute! Nadia looks like a model! Liam is growing up, and he is a handsome little guy. I was thinking Vivi was going to Kindergarten. It will be nice having her be the oldest in the class. I'm glad Isabelle won't be going until next year. And I can't believe Garrett is in 10th grade!!! High School?! Really?! Are you doing ok?! I would die!