In 2003

As I was taking a walk down memory lane tonight, I came across some pictures from the house we built in 2003. It was such a nice home for us. Coming in at just under four thousand square feet, it fit us just perfectly. In fact, it was the first official floor plan that I designed and had the opportunity to live inside of. Looking at the pictures, clearly my tastes have evolved (thank heavens) but I wouldn't mind going back in and remodeling it just a little. Although I do have to admit, those hand scraped wood and travertine floors(which I am so so over) were the easiest floors I have ever taken care of. And the stained moulding and doors? They didn't show a thing. Not to mention they were antiqued, so any dings or marks they did show only improved the look. Also... I can't help but notice how clean and organized I was back then. Hmm, if only I had a little bit of that still in me...

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