Looking Forward to Some Decent Films

I don't have to be the the one to tell you this year has been an absolute terrible year brought to us by the movie industry... We haven't had the opportunity to see one original film all year. And I'm not even talking about the thousand sequels we were forced to endure. Seriously, What movie didn't have a sequel? Movies that shouldn't have even been funded and made in the first place were given sequels? Really? I can think of several after school specials that deserved sequels more than half of the scrapings that were put in theatres. 

What's that you say? Not all movies were sequels? I apologize. You are correct. The others were all completely feeble minded gorky super hero films. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy a good super hero film every now and again, but when fifteen are released every week, even the die hards have to get burned out on them. 

Before I become to pessimistic, I will try to recall some movies that showed real promise in the previews, until of course, either the actors spoke or we just saw their name flash on the screen... You know who I am referring to, Julia Roberts (Please just go away!), Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Ryan Reynolds, Ginnifer Goodwin and anyone else who took part in a movie that was based on cheap hook-ups where in the pathetic oh, so predictable numskulled, lame brained, moronic, underachieving ending, they fall for each other. Get out! They do??? Who would have ever guessed?  Those twenty seven movies  more than filled that side of the simple minded market.

Where was the depth and texture and thought when writing any of the films this year? Who was in charge of casting? Are we so afraid of not making a buck that we can't step outside even a little? Find an unknown actor that actually has skills and not just a name or past hits? Am I Just expecting too much?

Speaking of expecting...I have to run. My sweet sister's water just broke! Maybe someone could make a movie about a woman in labor. Real Time.  The dynamics of the family in the waiting room could be quite entertaining. But for now, here are some films I am looking forward to seeing.

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